Sri Lankan Teas and Pekoe Teas: Journey to the Peak of Flavor

In every moment of our lives, we meet with the serenity and pleasure that a cup of tea provides us. Especially for tea drinkers, discovering different types of tea and delving deeper into the flavor has become a great passion. To satisfy this passion, we would like to take you to the magical world of Sri Lanka and a special type of tea, Pekoe tea.

Sri Lanka, with its geographical location and climate, is the perfect environment for tea cultivation. The tea plantations that form a green blanket in the mountains have become a region where the world’s highest quality teas are produced. One of these teas is Pekoe tea.

Pekoe tea is carefully harvested from tea leaves growing on the low slopes of Sri Lanka and processed in special machines under completely hygienic and healthy conditions. This special processing method reveals the unique curves of the tea leaves. Thus, Pekoe tea offers a unique pleasure to your palate with its characteristic rich aroma, intense red color and strong astringent taste.

Let’s answer the 10 most curious questions about Pekoe Type Teas:

What are the characteristics of Pekoe tea?
Pekoe tea is a type of black tea made from tea leaves grown in Sri Lanka. It has an intense red color and is known for its characteristic rich aroma. The taste is strong and astringent.

Are there any health benefits of pekoe tea?
It is not correct to make a definitive recommendation about the health effects of tea. However, in general, teas are rich in antioxidants and can support the immune system and energize the body.

What is the brewing time for pekoe tea?
The ideal brewing time for pekoe tea is 5 minutes. This is the recommended time to best bring out the flavor and aroma of the tea.

What water temperature should be used for brewing pekoe tea?
The water temperature for brewing pekoe tea should be 100°C. This allows the tea leaves to open properly and release their aroma.

How to brew pekoe tea?
To brew pekoe tea, add a spoonful of tea to your teapot or cup. Pour boiling water over it and wait 5 minutes. Then, you can brew your tea with the help of a strainer.

Which features of pekoe tea stand out?
Pekoe tea’s bright dark color and characteristic rich aroma make it unique among tea lovers. It also leaves an unforgettable mark on the palate with its intense red color and strong astringent taste.

What is the origin of Pekoe tea?
Pekoe tea originates from Sri Lanka. Pekoe tea, obtained from tea plants grown in this geography, plays an important role in Sri Lanka’s tea industry.

Are there varieties of Pekoe tea?
Pekoe tea offers different options to tea lovers with its various types. For example, there are subtypes such as Singlo Pekoe, Flowery Pekoe, Orange Pekoe.

How should pekoe tea be stored?
It is important to store Pekoe tea in an airtight, dry and cool place to preserve the freshness of the tea leaves. Also, keeping it in a dark container helps to preserve the aroma of the tea.

How is Pekoe tea different from other teas?
Pekoe tea is distinguished from other teas by its characteristic rich aroma and intense red color. It also offers a unique experience with its strong astringent taste.

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