BA2117 Double Wall Glass Cup 300 ml

BA2117 Double Wall Glass Cup 300 ml

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Brocilicate is glass material.

· Glass cup with double -walled, one -walled glass and ceramic trophies keeps warmer. It is ideal for touching without burning the fingers.

· Borosilicate is made of oral blowing glass, which is more durable than normal glass and is known as the purest and safest material that will come into contact with water.

· With a smooth and clear appearance, 2 layers have a surprising appearance that seems to be filtered in the air in the air.

· It is an ideal product for daily use.

· Washable in the dishwasher.

· It is an excellent choice for tea, coffee, espresso or many other hot and cold drinks.

· It is a durable and heat resistant glass material. The insulated glass has a stylish 2 -layer design that creates a striking optical illusion and prevents condensation.

· The silicone valve on the base allows changes in pressure.

· Protects the perfect sipping temperature and prevents condensation.

· Our Glass Cup is an exclusive gift alternative for all cases.